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Girl Scout Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors

(...and their Leaders/Advisors!)

This page contains links of use to girl members and advisors of Girl Scout Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors. Information on this page is primarily related to the appropriate Journeys, earning the Silver and Gold Awards, and earning Interest Projects. Since use of any of these materials may be dependent upon "local rules", I've given the source as well.

Info from GSUSA Web Sites


Silver Award

Gold Award

Other Awards (and Stuff) on the GSUSA Web Site

The old STUDIO 2B part of the GSUSA Web Site


More Gold Award Information:

More Silver Award Info

GSUSA Interest Project Awards (not in IPA book -- on-line only)

New GSUSA Interest Project Awards - on-line only, and earned differently

Council's Own Interest Project Awards Your Girls May Enjoy

Do not attempt to use materials from another council -- or for that matter, from GSUSA -- without checking with your own council first!

There are many helps available on the internet created by different Councils, Service Units/Neighborhoods, and individuals to assist you in earning the Silver and Gold Awards. Requirements and procedures for these awards may vary from council to council. Also note: many of these helps are based on various sets of "old" requirements.

Many useful files are available in the files section of the Cadette/Senior/Ambassador Advisors e-mail group at Yahoo. Once you subscribe (by giving them your e-mail address and a password), you can join the Cadette/Senior/Ambassador leaders group ("cad-senleaders"). Some of the files listed on this page are available in the group's "Files" section, as well as many additional checklists and helps leaders have created. Definitely worthwhile!

Bridging to Adult Girl Scouting

If girls choose to bridge to adult Girl Scouting, they may want to volunteer their time at their council, or directly to girls, as a leader of a troop/group. Completing the activities below will enable girls to earn the Bridge to Adult Girl Scout pin-or, exploring what it means to be an adult Girl Scout in your own way.

Bridge to Adults Requirements:

Once bridged, a girl may register as an adult and wear the adult uniform.