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    The following is a small part of a document on the On-Line Council Network (a resource for council staff maintained by GSUSA) concerning bridging as a part of the ongoing changes in the upper age levels of the program:

    Transitioning into Ages 11 and 12: 'Tweens

    The end of Junior Girl Scouts and the first stage of adolescence can be marked by transitioning to the STUDIO 2B approach--which makes Girl Scouts "bigger" for girls! Options may be overwhelming at first. Girls may be staying with the same group of girls, or going into different groups as they move to different schools. They need to build a firm network for transition and support. Bridging activities at this point should still be focusing on preparation for the transition. We suggest components that include:

    A great set of links with a similar intent to this one is at The Scouting Web If you can't find what you need here, try that site!