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Where does all that stuff go, anyway?

Why Wear a Uniform at all?

Many stories and comments on why it's important to wear the uniform have been submitted by leaders from across the country, and are available...

Girl Uniforms

Adult Uniform

Placement of pins on the adult uniform is a touchy subject. Not being an official member of the "uniform police", I would not presume to correct anyone else's arrangements (although I have been known to wince, or roll my eyes, if things appear to have gotten really out of hand!). Confusion during the last decade or so was not helped by the lack of readily available guidelines on pin placement.

In an update to the GSUSA website in 2004, an adult pin placement page was added! It even shows where things go on the men's blazer! And in the Junior Girl Scout Leader Guide Book, on page 17, one can find an absolutely clear, large-enough-to-be-readable, photographic record of exactly where the most common things go on an adult uniform! Outstanding effort! Nunc dimittis...

However, these sources only provide placements for the most commonly used pins -- the web site doesn't even include the Trainer's Pin (which may be obsolete), the adult training pin (which many councils ignored in favor of a locally-produced option), or the Macy Lamp, let alone the Gold Award Parent's Pin or some of the more obscure permitted pins. The Junior Leader book leaves out a number of relatively common pins as well. It looks as if my work here isn't done...

The best sources are the following GSUSA publications:

The following "suggestions" (I won't call them guidelines!) are taken from my interpretation of the first two references. If I have misinterpreted anything, please let me know so I can correct it!

areas on adult blousePlacement of badges and pins on the Adult Uniform can be divided into two areas as shown in the figure at the side:

adult tab

The membership pins go on the wearer's left (area A in the drawing above), with the WAGGGS pin on top, the GSUSA membership pin (traditional or contemporary) on the bottom, and adult position pins in between. On a blouse, they may be worn (if the wearer chooses) on the on the felt insignia tab. The tab may be worn on the jacket. Up to two adult position pins are worn centered, SIDE BY SIDE, between the WAGGGS pin and the membership pin (unless worn on the felt tab). If worn on the tab, position pins are worn one above the other. The Outgoing President's Pin (looks like a tiny gavel) is worn on the insignia tab above any position pin except a leader's pin (yellow), which goes above any other pin in this position. Either a numeral guard or a Campus Girl Scout guard (if registered as a Campus Girl Scout) may be worn to the wearer's right of the membership pin.

areas for placement of pins on right side of adult uniform

The wearer's right (Area B on the drawing) is confusing. It's helpful to think of the space as divided by the (optional) nametag ("Personalized Identification Pin" in GSUSA-speak) in the regions shown in the sketch at right.

ABOVE the nametag, major recognition and trained position pins are worn. These are the


(Trained Positions)

Only one of the honors should be worn: if you have both the Honor Pin and Appreciation Pin, wear the one you received most recently. The Thanks Badge seems to take precedence over either of these, with the Thanks II taking precedence over all of the others. (There is a reference buried in "Adult Recognitions" which would indicate that it might be possible to wear either of the Honors and Appreciation Pins with either of the Thanks and Thanks II badges, but I think this would look tacky.)

It seems that any of what I've called the "Trained Position" pins that the member is entitled to wear should be worn; theoretically there could be three pins arranged horizontally in this row.

Some councils also Award pins which might go up here as well -- ask your council!

However, if you are a Life Member, the Life Member pin may be worn centered above the name tag, in the area labeled "ABOVE", but below any of the other pins mentioned above. In this case, wear the Life Membership pin by itself in the area labeled "ABOVE" in the drawing, with any of the other pins discussed in this section displaced upward into the area labeled "TOP". This layout is shown on page 48 of Adult recognitions and page 17 of the Junior Leader Guide Book. Another approved option for the Life Member pin is to wear it in the same row as the other pins in this section, but to the right of them. (The choice of positions for this pin is indicated on page 39 of Adult Recognitions; the placement guide on page 48 of the same book doesn't mention this option.)

BELOW the nametag, things get really interesting!
In a horizontal line below the nametag, in the position labeled "BELOW" in the drawing, a whole series of pins representing local recognitions or what might be termed "history" pins can be worn. These are:

If your "career" in Girl Scouting has been long, you'll probably have more of these than can comfortably be worn. CHOOSE!

The Adult Years of Service Pin should be worn in the middle of this row (centered beneath the nametag), unless you earned the highest award in Girl Scouting as a girl (Gold Award, Curved Bar, First Class, Golden Eaglet). If you have one of these pins, that pin is worn centered below the nametag in the area labeled "BELOW", and the Adult Years of Service Pin is displaced by itself to a new, lower row (labeled "BOTTOM" in the drawing.) (Unless you think the new Brownie Leader book is correct, which indicates that the highest girl award pin gets dumped into the same row as the other "below-the-line" pins.) Other pins are arrayed on either side of the center in the "below" row.

Bottom line: please exercise some restraint! It is not necessary to wear everything you're entitled to wear -- "Less is more", and all that, you know. A good working guideline is to wear three pins on this side of the uniform. (Well, no more than four, if you really must!) Believe it or not, according to the GSUSA publications listed above, you're only supposed to wear two! (Maybe they mean only two earned Adult Recognitions? The placement guides in the Adult Recognitions book and the Junior Leader Guide Book show a "correct" placement of three pins: a vertical line with the Thanks Badge on top, the Life Membership Pin below that, the nametag, and another pin below the nametag.)